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Relational Rounds

Aug 14, 2018

For over 25 years, Larry Dressler has designed and facilitated high-stakes conversations and advised leaders who seek to weave authentic engagement and collaboration into the fabric of their organizations. He is the author of two outstanding books in the matter of leadership: Consensus Through Conversation and Standing in the Fire. Larry’s delightful sense of humor, humbleness, and real-life stories encourage people to believe that a change in the image of who a leader must be is possible, bringing hard topics as vulnerability, pain, and fear of failure, to talk about the real life of daily leaders in several fields of action.


Key Takeaways:

[:38] Larry’s career briefing.

[1:58] How does Larry describe his work?

[3:35] What brought Larry into this field?

[8:28] Farmers workers sleeping on the sides of rivers in eastern Washington.

[11:21] How does Larry bring people to talk when the atmosphere is very tense?

[11:38] Bringing the right kind of leadership instead of the right kind of tone.

[15:41] Limiting beliefs in organizations about what it means to be a leader.

[19:18] The danger in not truly feeling the pain, but getting stuck with it and not letting it pass through you.

[20:50] Buddhist practice called tangling.

[22:28] Is using an aggressive language intentional in order to get the attention of male leaders?

[24:32] What makes you a leader?

[25:02] Who taught Larry how to be a leader?

[26:32] Larry´s family background that leads him to embrace stories the way he does.

[30:12] Preoccupation takes you away from the present moment, the only moment where you can actually take action to improve things.

[30:48] Negative prediction.

[31:26] Larry’s rituals when entering a difficult meeting.

[34:40] Bow when entering a space so you can come in as a learner.

[36:10] The most important thing on Larry’s mind.

[40:33] Leaders need to examine their own ego stories.

[40:53] Larry’s work in Guatemala.


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by Larry Dressler

Consensus Through Conversation: How to Achieve High-Commitment Decisions,
by Larry Dressler.

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