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Relational Rounds

Jun 20, 2018

Dr. Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School; she received her Ph.D. in organizational behavior, AM in psychology, and AB in engineering and design from Harvard University too. She is also the author of several books about teaming and psychological safety. Dr. Edmondson joins Elizabeth Metraux to talk about key topics like how to create a work environment where people can feel confident and safe to share their worries and expose their weaknesses and errors. Dr. Edmondson explains how hierarchy and teaming are not exclusionary, and how learning to ask the right questions can be more important than clever answers. Listen to this podcast and be inspired by the amazing work of Dr. Edmondson in human interactions to make the world a better place, one team at a time.


Key takeaways:

[:35] Dr. Edmonson career briefing

[1:13] How did Dr. Edmondson started working in the field of teaming?

[5:15] Psychological safety and its relationship with performance.

[5:37] How do you teach a human skill like psychological safety?

[7:09] Essential importance of teamwork specially in healthcare.

[9:18] Hierarchy and Teaming, when one or the other?

[12:04] Basic advice for a new leader in creating trust and safety in teamwork: Ask Questions.

[13:45] Humility is strength.

[16:18] How challenges like demographic diversity should be acknowledged?

[19:05] Making room for belonging.

[23:05] Psychological safety in hierarchies.

[26:30] Opportunities and vulnerabilities across the career stage in leadership.

[28:20] Being a leader can be a lonely job but also a meaningful one.

[29:30] There is an increasing burnout issue in health care, can a change be made or is too late for that?

[34:35] Not just sick care but health care.

[35:53] What Dr. Edmondson has learnt about herself during her time in teamwork?


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