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Relational Rounds

Jul 17, 2018

Al Kurose, M.D. is President and CEO of Coastal Medical, a primary-care-driven Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Coastal Medical provides care to 120,000 patients in more than 20 medical offices across Rhode Island. Dr. Al’s current experience in the administrative area, as well as many years with direct attention to patients, have given him an amazing perspective on how health service can be improved. Key concepts like team-based care, burnout, and patient-centered care are approached in this succulent talk. Dr. Alan also shares insightful tips for new medical students and practitioners to have under consideration in the first career choices. Healthcare can be transformed; listen to this podcast and find out how to start


Key Takeaways:

[1:05] What brought Dr. Alan Kurose into medicine?

[2:44] What is the best part of practicing medicine?

[5:04] The value of seeing patients at their home.

[7:27] How burnout will affect new practitioners.

[8:18] The solution to burnout will come from the started collaborative process.

[8:50] Renaissance of primary care contrasted with burnout and suicidal rates going up.

[9:58] What is working and what is not working?

[11:15] Stay realistic in what you can and can’t offer patients.

[13:20] Burnout is an individual problem but there are systemic factors that can help..

[14:15] Team-based care.

[16:40] Coastal Medical Care success formula.

[20:08] Patients in medical homes.

[22:38] Training and support Dr. Alan got at the beginning of his practice.

[27:21] Dr. Alan’s big crazy idea to fix healthcare: Patient-centered service.

[30:20] Advice to new medical students: Don’t be distracted.


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