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Relational Rounds

Mar 6, 2018

Elizabeth Métraux joins Ai-jen Poo, Executive Director of The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and the co-director of Care Across Generations, to engage in a thoughtful conversation about caregiving and the aging population in America. There is a need to change our perspective to support a dignifying quality of life for the elderly as well as creating intergenerational cultural values. Ai-jen also enlightens us about women's rights and how we can contribute to raising awareness. Listen to this podcast and be inspired by the amazing contribution to the primary care field that’s being done by Ai-jen.


Key takeaways:

[1:51] How did Ai-jen Poo got involved in caregiving?

[5:49] The dignity of aging Americans.

[8:20] Challenge for caregiver women dealing with children and aging relatives.

[10:40] How we are going to keep up with the growing rate of the over-85-years-old population?

[12:54] The consequences of low wages for caregivers.

[13:38] Why domestic workers have been cut off primary care teams?

[16:06] Domestic and farm work associated with women in history, and the reason why it is undervalued.

[19:40] Domestic workers and immigration.

[22:05] Dream Act.

[23:35] Race awareness for women’s rights, what to do now.

[26:50] Primary caregivers’ feelings of isolation and loneliness.

[29:01] Importance of building communities and taking care of each other.

[31:09] Reshaping the future of home healthcare by creating a fund for universal family care.


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