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Relational Rounds

Dec 2, 2018

Erin E. Sullivan, Ph.D., is the Research and Curriculum Director at the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care. In this role, Erin leads the Center’s research program, where her team studies high-functioning domestic and international primary care systems. She also holds a faculty appointment in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine and co-directs the Physician as Leader course for fourth-year medical students. Erin and Elizabeth discuss in depth primary care foundations as seen through the eye of an expert in qualitative research. Listen to this episode to find out about the crucial importance of relationships and the diversity of organizational cultures around the world, their impact on employees and patients, and how comparative research can help the U.S. primary care system to lift for higher standards of service.


Key takeaways: 

[:33] Erin’s career briefing.

[1:33] How did Erin start into research and primary care?

[2:04] Why Erin got interested in medicine.

[3:33] Finding excitement in the qualitative aspects of research.

[5:04] Finding those aha moments!

[7:30] Organizational culture in a clinic.

[10:30] Speaking the same language.

[11:24] Different cultures in different organizations.

[13:07] How do research groups get involved in primary care?

[14:30] Why research in Spain and the Netherlands on primary care?

[17:25] In Netherlands, Primary Care is considered a specialty.

[19:50] Relationships comes up in data everywhere!

[23:35] Key elements in primary care: relationships and culture.

[25:38] Erin’s curiosity about future possible researches.

[27:15] Patient’s expectations.

[28:55] Challenges in measuring the outcomes of leadership development programs.

[30:26] Teaching in healthcare in the near future.

[31:27] Hot seat! 


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