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Relational Rounds

Sep 21, 2018

Cheryl Fattibene, NNCC Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, is an experienced Nurse Practitioner who has worked in both the for-profit and non-profit health care sectors as a provider and a clinical leader. Cheryl brings a nurse’s perspective on how to approach a new era of healthcare. Her experiences overseas as well as with migrant people in the U.S. have contributed to her innovative and integrative perspective over the healthcare system where a team-based care is the necessary direction. Listen to this episode and be inspired by Cheryl’s story, find out the simplicity in improving healthcare by making real connections, reaching out and giving back locally.


Key Takeaways:

[:38] Cheryl career briefing.

[1:46] What led Cheryl into the world of nursing?

[4:30] Living in Africa transformed Cheryl’s life.

[9:10] What is Cheryl working on right now?

[10:56] Foundational Public Health Work.

[13:06] Barriers to team-based care.

[14:14] Nurse practitioners’ challenges.

[16:49] Team-based care under different statuses and salaries.

[19:13] Wellness for the workforce applied to nurses.

[20:30] Nurses and burnout.

[25:06] How do you learn to be a mentor?

[27:11] Advice to young women that are new to healthcare: Find a Mentor.

[29:33] What worries Cheryl currently?

[30:31] Give back locally.

[33:52] Working in a migrant center.

[36:34] Regardless of your age, just reach out to others.

[38:28] People feel disconnected.

[38:41] Upcoming projects for Cheryl.

[40:45] High School for nurses.

[42:50] Space redesign.

[43:46] Big crazy idea for fixing healthcare: A unified approach.


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