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Relational Rounds

Jul 27, 2018

Dr. Tyree Winters is a pediatrician in Sewell, New Jersey but he found out that being a doctor could not be equal to his identity. Finding himself belonging to a minority and being the first black doctor in his place of work, gave him a different perspective of how burnout feels like. As a leader, Dr. Tyree conducts himself as a servant and with the same humbleness,  has no inhibitions in sharing his personal experiences to bring some authenticity to the topic of burnout in healthcare


Key Takeaways:

[1:58] Role of burnout for minorities.

[6:05] Being a representative for a minority in healthcare.

[7:44] How did Dr. Tyree learn to be a leader?

[9:10] Mentorship according to Dr. Tyree.

[11:36] Clinician burnout around the country.

[13:30] Avoid centering your identity in being a doctor.

[15:02] Definition of burnout for Dr. Tyree.

[19:30] Losing empathy for others when you feel they don't have it for yourself.

[20:36] How can you heal yourself when feeling broken? Run.

[24:07] What is next for Dr. Tyree? Teach how to prescribe physical activity to patients.


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