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Relational Rounds

Jul 31, 2018

Jeff Thompson, M.D., is the executive advisor and chief executive officer emeritus at Gundersen Health System and a pediatrician, author, and speaker on values-based leadership. He shares his experience in leading communities by caring about what matters to patients and physicians and always having core principles as priorities in any decision-making situation from hiring personnel to financing. Health Care needs to start building more communities, finding strength in the diversity, and following the right motivation, which is to serve people. Be inspired by the words of a man that honors his words and walks the path and you, too, start being part of the change


Key Takeaways:

[:38] What brought Dr. Thompson to Aspen?

[1:11] Dr. Johnson’s background.

[3:46] Biggest ideas Dr. Thompson is taking from his time in Aspen.

[5:38] How can experiences with patients overseas be applied in a community like Wisconsin?

[8:24] Death panels.

[11:42] What does it take as a leader to speak up and defend your patients?

[15:55] Who taught Dr. Thompson how to be a leader?

[18:44] How does Dr. Thompson judge his own success?

[25:49] Advice for young leaders: Sticking with one's values over time is a priority.

[28:04] Live through your core values.

[28:14] Training the next generation of leaders.

[29:20] What is next for Dr. Thompson?


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