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Relational Rounds

Feb 20, 2018

 In this episode of Relational Rounds, Elizabeth Metraux welcomes Robert Pearl, M.D. to talk about health care transformation. They dive into topics like leadership, motivation, teamwork, and many other key ways of shifting primary healthcare in America.


Dr. Robert Pearl is the former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group and former president of The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. Recently named one of Modern Healthcare’s 50 most influential physician leaders, Pearl is an advocate for the power of integrated, prepaid, technologically advanced, and physician-led healthcare delivery. Listen to this podcast and be inspired to start making the changes that will make American healthcare more efficient and competent, beginning with your practice.


Key takeaways:

[1:01] Dr. Pearl career briefing.

[2:01] Compared statistics in money invested in healthcare in U.S. and Europe.

[2:35] Why U.S. healthcare system doesn’t work.

[3:40] The context of American healthcare.

[5:40] Why prevention is better than intervention.

[7:41] Hypertension and colon cancer are examples of diseases Americans fail to prevent.

[8:57] Coverage.

[10:17] Forbes blog: How did Pearl achieve 50% less need for hospitalization?

[12:23] Why did everyone want to work in Permanente?

[14:40] Effective leadership intervention makes changes in primary health care possible.

[15:45] How do you shift perception in what it means to lead in a modern healthcare environment?

[17:55] Seeing other doctors as competitors.

[21:05] Who is the system working for?

[22:04] A Heart Surgeon Story in India.

[25:30] Care More Kaiser advantages.

[28:40] Healthcare predictions for 2018.

[31:45] Change the rules!

[33:00] What is to be a physician leader?

[35:06] Technology used for prevention.

[38:18] Motivation of physicians.

[41:07] “I saved a life.”

[42:28] Rapid Fire Round with Pearl.


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