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Relational Rounds

Aug 30, 2018

David Blumenthal, M.D., M.P.P., is president of The Commonwealth Fund, a national philanthropy engaged in independent research on health and social policy issues. From 2009 to 2011, he served as the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, with the charge to build an interoperable, private, and secure nationwide health information system and to support the widespread, meaningful use of health IT. Dr. David engages in a thoughtful conversation with Elizabeth Metraux about the past, present, and future of healthcare in America, the inner conflicts that the system is facing and the audacious ideas to fix it.


Key takeaways:

[:30] Dr. David’s career briefing.

[1:40] What has Dr. David not yet accomplished?

[2:30] What drives Dr. David’s mission?

[4:55] Healthcare is built around the workforce.

[6:56] How did the U.S. get to the current situation of Healthcare?

[9:25] Changes are being implemented in the Affordable Care Act.

[11:01] The cost of care is not sustainable.

[13:58] Work in coverage expansion and delivery system reform.

[17:08] Obama’s administration and the opportunity that was given to healthcare.

[22:53] Electronic Health Records.

[26:06] Is healthcare too big to fail?

[28:21] Audacious idea to fix health care: everyone having a digital health advisor.

[30:25] Dr. David Blumenthal Foundation celebrates 100 years.

[32:45] The delivery system reform.


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