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Relational Rounds

Feb 5, 2019

Sejal Hathi, MD, MBA is a resident physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and an award-winning social entrepreneur dedicated to building better health systems for vulnerable populations globally. Presently, she serves on the national boards of political organization Arena and civic organization Indiaspora. Previously, she founded and led two social enterprises advancing women's rights and agency around the world. Sejal received her MD/MBA from Stanford and her BS with honors from Yale. She has been named to the Forbes 30 under 30, Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows, Truman Scholars, and Newsweek "150 Women Who Shake the World."


Sejal and Elizabeth engage in a deep and thoughtful conversation about healthcare, politics, social determinants of health, burnout and the role of women. Being a young woman advocating for the rights and needs of women from a very young age has given Sejal a unique perspective. Listen to this episode to find an encouraging, critical and inspirational testimony about healthcare, its extensions, and challenges.


Key takeaways:

[1:02] Sejal Hathi career briefing.

[1:55] Sejal’s journey into medicine.

[3:43] Recovering after being diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

[4:22] Reclaiming dignity.

[5:43] The role of medicine is continuously in debate.

[7:51] Health is not just a diagnosis.

[9:32] Acknowledging the social determinants of health.

[10:50] Burnout is a public health crisis.

[12:14] Medicine is a shadow of what it used to be.

[14:40] Opportunities to come together.

[17:05] Innovations that are working for residencies.

[17:50] Coaching benefits.

[18:43] Connection with mentors in residency programs.

[20:01] Women need more female mentors.

[25:25] Being a woman in a position of authority.

[26:49] Starting nonprofit organizations to support women.

[30:25] Creating community to make a difference.

[31:08] Healthcare becoming more political.

[32:08] Domestic advocacy.

[34:23] Silence is political, we have to take a side.

[35:20] Rapid fire questions.


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