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Relational Rounds

Oct 27, 2018

H. Clifton “Clif” Knight, M.D., is Senior Vice President of AAFP. He oversees all AAFP activities related to medical education. These areas include education and training of medical students and residents; student interest in the specialty of family medicine, including federal policies that affect it; and CME curriculum development, production, accreditation, and regulations. Dr. Clif has dedicated his life to family medicine and strongly believes in the need of giving the attention clinicians are craving for, the increasing amounts of burnout, depression, and isolation are proof that the health care system needs a change, bringing back the patient value over the corporate value. Dr. Cliff inspires with his passionate, sensitive, and human perspective on the role of physician, and shares practical proposals to shift the course of health care. As Dr. Clif says, “the best is yet to come.”


Key takeaways:

[:35] Dr. Clif Knight career briefing.

[1:26] How Dr. Clif got into medicine.

[3:55] Why family medicine is the least sexy of the specialties?

[5:34] American Academy of Family Physicians: assisting members to provide the best care for patients, families, and communities.

[8:31] Administrative work receives three-quarters of the time.

[10:28] EHR were developed to meet billing requirements.

[12:08] Generational differences between clinicians.

[13:07] Physicians are willing to adapt for the better care of their patients.

[14:02] Where Dr. Clif is investing the most time and energy for the wellbeing of the physicians.

[16:51] Finding the balance between accomplishment, humanity, and connection.

[19:10] There is an avid appetite for connection and validation.

[19:40] Don’t try to fix me, fix the system!

[22:43] Denial about the impact of burnout.

[25:11] Clinician wellbeing is a component of providing the safest care to patients.

[25:40] There is a public health epidemic.

[27:08] Higher rates of depression and disconnection.

[28:20] The impostor syndrome.

[33:20] There has to be more investment in primary care.

[36:16] There is a need of doubling the number in family medicine slots.

[37:40] What did Dr. Clif learn about himself?


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