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Relational Rounds

Nov 17, 2018

Brian Souza is the new CEO at Primary Care Progress. He believes in the power of community, the importance of teams, and understands how to leverage the head and the heart – beliefs that are at the core of PCP and the people in its network. Brian is committed to lead the PCP team, its values, and approach to leadership transformation designed to strengthen the community at the heart of care. Listen to this episode, meet Brian and learn from his innovative ideas about uplifting the providers, and his fresh perspective concerning a new kind of “relational” leadership.


Key takeaways:

[:51] Brian Souza, new CEO at PCP, career briefing.

[1:55] What motivated Brian to join PCP?

[4:30] Building national movements.

[6:07] Different approach to leadership.

[6:30] Team value.

[7:22] Building communities takes time.

[8:50] What is that makes progress so slow in health care?

[11:59] Why does Brian care about providers?

[14:43] Supporting practitioners in healthcare.

[16:29] How can leadership transform the healthcare system?

[18:56] Teaching people to be human.

[20:25] The art of asking questions.

[21:50] Creating safe spaces where is OK to be vulnerable and to connect.

[22:31] The line between being the boss and creating safety and vulnerability among the team.

[25:33] Healthcare needs more love.

[27:11] Building the team as individuals.


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