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Relational Rounds

Apr 3, 2018

In this episode of Relational Rounds, Elizabeth Metraux welcomes Lisa Hutchinson and Kelsey Priest to talk about women and their struggle to function in a system that was not designed for them nor is welcoming. Lisa and Kelsey are walking their own paths in the healthcare arena while helping other physicians, some who have been victims of gender violence in their workplace, others that are keeping up with the daily pressure and oppression women often suffer as a result of their gender identity. Listen to this podcast and be inspired by these women who are changing the world, getting together, raising their heads high, and stepping up to their rights.


Key takeaways:

[:50] Kelsey Priest introduction of herself and career.

[1:46] Lisa Hutchinson personal story and career trajectory.

[4:58] Women’s Leadership Development Program.

[8:54] Acknowledging gender violence in the workplace.

[9:17] Women are used to tolerate and endure.

[10:01] Complicity.

[12:48] Burnout and suicide rates in physicians.

[15:44] This is not the first MeToo movement.

[16:12] Mentors and role models for women.

[19:27] What working in social justice has taught Lisa and Kelsey about themselves.

[22:20] My identity as a physician is been shaped by my experiences with my patients.

[23:59] What is next for Lisa and Kelsey?


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