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Relational Rounds

Aug 23, 2018

Dr. Nic Nguyen is actively working in bringing physicians together, to create a safe space for them to bring their worries and needs, to break the isolation, and to create communities of practitioners who are overloaded, tired and also suffering the consequences of sexism and discrimination against minorities. Is there a formula for being a leader in this field? Unfortunately, there is no secret but as Dr. Nick states, the first step is building human connections by just sitting down and listening to other physicians. Listen to this conversation among colleagues and be inspired to innovate and start changing the system in your community too, for healthier physicians that can deliver better service to patients.


Key Takeaways:

[:49] Dr. Nick career briefing.

[1:59] Importance of clinician community.

[3:36] Is there a nostalgic feeling for previous times’ medicine?

[5:10] Why community building, as a solution for burnout?

[9:52] What brought Dr. Nick into medicine?

[12:13] Why patients should care?

[14:35] Sexism in medicine.

[18:26] Leadership.

[22:35] Building a women primary care group to share narratives.

[27:10] How does Dr. Nicholas keep resilience?

[29:59] Advice to help create community.

[32:14] Creating psychological safety for clinicians.


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