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Relational Rounds

Aug 7, 2018

Dr. Dave Chokshi has been dedicating his time to improving primary care health. His work, providing care to middle-to-lower-class communities of New York City, has given Dr. Chokshi the chance to encounter face-to-face difficult realities such as racism and undiagnosed chronic illnesses, among others. Dr. Chokshi shares many of his team’s ongoing programs such as the Collaborative Care Program, The Lullaby Project, and The Music and Memory program for the elderly. Dr. Chokshi emphasizes the social responsibility that health care providers have, and how to exercise it, keeping humbleness and an open-minded perspective, and being always ready for innovation


Key Takeaways:

[:38] Dr. Dave Chokshi career briefing.

[1:52] Dr. Chokshi describes his work.

[2:48] Core value: Improving health is improving opportunity.

[3:06] Personal motivation.

[5:27] Interest in humanism and science but keeping our ‘public health hearts.’

[6:20] Experiences that influenced Dr. Chokshi´s perspective.

[9:29] NYC work.

[10:56] Transforming primary care, creating new care models.

[11:50] What is unique about Dr. Chokshi’s team.

[13:55] The patients we do not see.

[14:35] What is the role of health care providers to heal social wounds?

[15:08] Racism and health.

[18:10] Political component in health care.

[19:34] Life expectancy difference between men and women.

[20:44] Role of Public health in raising the voice about gun violence.

[23:10] Greater availability of guns leads to more violence.

[23:35] Obesity and opium epidemics.

[25:08] Burn out from the perspective of Dr. Chokshi.

[27:36] Consequences of loneliness on the health.

[28:40] Collaborative care program.

[29:15] Behavioral and physical health combined in a 15-minute visit.

[30:27] Connection among colleagues in health: bringing the arts as a bond.

[31:47] Music in healthcare: The Lullaby Project.

[34:20] Music and Memory Program.

[35:33] The future of medicine.

[36:35] It doesn’t matter how good your treatment is if you are not reaching to sick patients.

[37:58] Dr. Chokshi’s big idea: Open Notes.


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