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Relational Rounds

Oct 11, 2018

Jeremy Topin, M.D. dared to change a work model that was not only affecting his physical and mental health but influencing his family bonds. Jeremy started a blog after a bold decision that was to cut back, moving to part-time work, regaining health and renewing his love for his profession. Burnout takes different shapes, it is not universal, is definitely an accumulation and it's simply OK until is not! The only universal aspect is that it is happening to more people more frequently. Listen to this podcast and be inspired by Jeremy and Becky’s journey regaining their lives and passion, while battling with the challenges this kind of change presented.


Key Takeaways:

[1:12] Jeremy’s personal journey.

[4:16] Ignoring how life would look like when he became a resident.

[11:02] Being a parent and working in the ICU.

[13:02] His wife had a miscarriage but Jeremy knew he needed to go back to work.

[17:45] Burnout: Saying you are fine until you are blown away.

[18:25] Realizing you can’t go on in the same way anymore, the cutback moment.

[21:38] Dealing with the financial consequences.

[24:51] The support network Jeremy and Becky got as a couple.

[30:10] Burnout is not tangible.

[32:41] Finding the balance between wins and losses.

[33:32] High amount rate of divorces among residents, advice for the couples.

[36:14] A family team.

[40:46] Refusing to wrap up his identity around being a doctor.

[50:56] What fulfills Jeremy?

[52:17] As the wife of a doctor: What to say when you really need him to show up?


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