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Relational Rounds

May 2, 2018

Elizabeth Metraux leads a two section podcast, starting with Audrey Provenzano, MD/MPH, who is a General Internist in the Boston area, cares for patients in a community health center, and works in quality improvement. Audrey is the host and producer of the primary care and health policy podcast Review of Systems and shares her secrets for podcasting on Primary Care and how this activity influenced her career. On the second part of this show, Elizabeth welcomes Krisda Chaiyachati, board-certified general internist and the medical director for Penn Medicine First Call Virtual Care. Krisda studies and designs strategies for improving healthcare accessibility and patient engagement. He leads a research about how ride-sharing apps, like Uber or Lyft, are now being used to assist low-income patients to attend their medical appointments and treatments. To innovate in healthcare is not always an easy task, Krisda explains the obstacles and findings in the efforts for using different resources to better accessibility and engagement to the entire population of patients.


Key takeaways:

[:54] How did Audrey Provenzano start podcasting?

[2:16] Jeff Bremer claims that authentic healing relationship to fixing healthcare.

[3:31] What’s Audrey’s favorite question to ask?

[4:05] Podcasting influence on Audrey’s practice.

[5:44] Preparation for a podcast.

[7:18] Audrey’s new job endeavor in primary care.

[8:58] Ride sharing and increasing (or not) accessibility for patients.

[10:02] Research initiative.

[12:26] Patient access to the clinics with transportation apps.

[14:08] Services designed for low-income patients are not always meant for their needs.

[15:50] Patients look for stability.

[16:35] Designing clinical trials for a particular population without “othering.”

[19:15] Bringing healthcare into the home.

[21:26] Healthcare system has to be more creative on how to spend funds.

[22:13] New research about accessibility of healthcare to all population.

[24:02] Why healthcare is so far behind in the development of new technologies to communicate with patients?

[26:30] Obstacles for innovation in healthcare.


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